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We strive to make our products and services responsive and affordable

Laser Cutting and Engraving

Only the most experienced designers are able to provide a truly "laser ready" design. Each design requires some preparation by our staff, which is charged at $20/hour, with a minimum of $20

+ If we repeat a commissioned job with no changes, we do not charge the preparation/setup fee for following jobs

Laser operation time is charged at $1.00/minute.

+ Generally, filled engraves take the most processing time.

+ Materials such as plywood may require different processing time per item. We will work with you to help you select the most reliable materials for your project.

  + Chameleon Originals cannot be held responsible for inconsistencies in materials which may change processing time, or present regions in the material that the laser cannot cut through. This occurs most often with low-grade plywood or wood with dense knots.

3D Prototyping

3D Prints generally require less preparation/setup. Preparation is charged at $20/hour, with a minimum of $10.

Printer time is charged at $200/hour. Whenever possible, we will coordinate multiple print jobs at the same time. This allows us to prorate prints for economy.

We acknowledge that our 3D Prototypes are more expensive than extrusion-based prototypes, but the results are far superior in color and detail resolution, strength, heat tolerance and color options.

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