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+ Our laser engraving and cutting machine is the largest for hire in SouthWest Washington State. It has a 150 Watt CO2 tube, and a 1500mm by 1200mm (59" x 47") cutting area.

+ At 150 Watts, our laser is capable of a very wide power swing, from etching paper, to cutting through 3/4 inch acrylic and 1 1/2 inch wood.

NOTE: Our laser cannot cut metals. We can engrave most surface coatings, and have several options for laser-bonded, high resolution coatings. Please contact us soon for any designs on metals so we can assist you


+ Our prototyper is powder based, which operates at a higher resolution than extrusion-based 3D printers.

+ We can print full (256) color, even printing legible text on printed models

+ Our print bed can accommodate models as large as 8" x 10" x 8"

+ Printed models can be impregnated to make them extremely durable. Unimpregnated models are quite durable, but can weaken with age and excessive handling

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